Monday, May 23, 2011

Who Wants a Three-Way?

After Saturday night: Me!

Did you catch the Saturday Night Live finale over the weekend? Jesus moved around some schedules and allowed my first love Justin Timberlake and Lady GaGa to be on together!


Normally I think the show is almost always a let-down (the Betty White episode is of course an exception; the recent Tina Fey hosted show not-so-much). Anyway- this week was actually pretty funny- and luckily Lady GaGa was all over it!

(Justin has not let himself go!)

Of course the best part was the Three-Way song, in which JT and Andy Samberg engage in menage trois with LG. I have loved Lady GaGa for a while, but never actually wanted to be her before. All that's changed now. It's all changed. I'll sub for her in this three-way any time!

Watch the video HERE and imagine me instead of LG!

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