Tuesday, May 17, 2011

And My Life Gets WORSE


But- yes. My number one televised reason for living "30 Rock" is not coming back until mid-season next year!!! That means I have to wait over SEVEN MONTHS before the TGS crew comes back!!

Do the "big-wigged fat cats" at NBC not know how awful my life is?? Granted my other 3 Thursday night shows are coming back in September ("Community," "Parks and Recreation," and a Michael Scott-less "The Office.") And I know this is because of Tina Fey's blessed event, but I can still complain!!!


And is if this weren't bad enough, I literally thought to myself yesterday- "At least my newly found show "Cougar Town" will be back!" WRONG!!! The Cul de Sac Crew will also be gone until mid season!!! Are you fucking kidding me!?!?! (And "Cougar Town" is soooo good, soooo much better than that terrible, terrible, terrible title implies!)

Oh well- "Modern Family," "Glee," and whatever new shows- YOU BETTER BE PRETTY FUCKING GOOD! Until Liz Lemon and Courtney Cox come back!

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