Saturday, May 21, 2011


Yo wasssup!?! It's Cliff''s asst Tyler! Saturday nizight and I'm stuck in the office!!! Cliff and KEndall axed me to clean out the storage closet, but YO MAN! It's saturday nite- shitttttt I have to relax after a long week.

So I sparked up a doob and am gonna put up some pics from mister Cliff's desktop! (No Cliff I didnt go into the folder marked "Tyler Don't Look"- Thank GOD)

Here's a collage of me that Cliff made for some reason. Prolly for a job well done y'all!!! He made me iron his pants (they was big like a table cloth) but it's all GOOD IN da Hood TONIGHT- wish I had that hotdog right now! Dont know when cliff took a pic of me skoking- I was prolly out of it

HIT THE BONG Y'ALL! Like this dude- whoever he izzz
I do have on C&K's new episode-
and it's so much more funnier after you smoked a FAT BLUNT

Here's me at Mr. S and Mrs. Pottterblutter Nutterburn's wedding.
Cliff took this pic while I wuz changin-
but I think he really was tryin to snap a shot of the food table behind me LOLLLL
(cliff knows wassup!)

Here is Kendall in his natural habitat LMFAO!!!!
No its wierd cuz usually I have to go buy all their food for them

Snapped this pic of Cliff while we was at Subway- GUESS WHERE I HAD TO DRIVE HIM AFTER LOLLLLLLL

Oh shnap- PRoof!!!

REMEMBER Y'ALL IT'S 420 SOMEWHERE!!! Smoke a fatty for Tyler 2Nite
How you like my weed collage up top? I'm aware as fuck- hope UR2

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