Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Greatest Christmas Gift #10

The 10th Greatest Christmas Gift ever given on screen comes from that great black and white classic, "Miracle on 34th Street. " In the movie, a young and disbelieving, firmly stuck in reality, Natalie Wood comes to know the real Santa Claus. And as a child might do- she asks for a HOUSE from Old St. Nick.

It's a tall order- and not one Santa could fill for every child. Yet in order to prove to little Natalie (and her similarly level-headed Mom Maureen O'Hara) that Santa is real, and so much of life's meaning is derived from those wonderful "intangibles," Santa makes good and delivers a house.

A house is huge and a great gift, right? Then why is the house not #1 on the countdown? Well, because the house (while being the exact one asked for) was only for sale, and it was up to Mom and new Daddy to foot the bill- and in this economy! It's a great gift, but like the cars won by Oprah's studio audience, it was a gift with a few strings attached.

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