Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Alert for Gyllenhaal Enthusiasts!

Now at your local Hallmark store- the official "Prince of Persia" ornaments are 50% off!!! Admittedly the movie was "so-so" (Read an insightful review HERE), but when is the next time Jake is going to be molded into something meant to adorn my tree every Christmas FOREVER??? It might be longer than you think, so I wanted to give a "heads up" to all the "Gyllenhaalics" out there that may want Jake on their trees.

They're 50% off now, but in a few weeks they'll be 80% off. Will they be sold out????? Did anyone on earth buy one except for me?? (and mayyyybe Taylor Swift?).

That photo above is so clear and free of distractions! You can't help but focus on the "craftsmanship" of the ornament. Here's another photo from the same shoot.

Now here's a photo that'll put asses in the seats!

You're welcome and I hope you are enjoying your potentially snow-covered lull between Christmas and New Year's!!!

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