Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Finally the ICING month!! (As in "icing on the feces-ridden cake of 2010"; also it's kind of cold so there could be ice!)

December is the best month Jesus ever created, and He knew it! Why else was He born then? Huh???

If you are like Kendall and I, you are already weeping gently to 'Silent Night' on the inside because there are only 24 days left before Christmas. Well I say this to you and me: CELEBRATE and Quit Your Bitchin'!

Why? Christmas IS a bitchin' holiday that makes the other 11 months bearable, when I can look around in December and see a Santa or a Snoopy or a Snoopy dressed like Santa nearly everywhere I look!

Our podcast is kicking off the official season on Friday with our first of 3 (4 if you count the annual re-broadcast of "Cliff and Kendall Save Christmas" which I DO!) Christmas shows.

So wrap gifts, rap about Saint Nick with the old folks and Little Johnnies on your block- just make sure you do something festive everyday. December 26th is a freight train headed for your face, so enjoy this time standing on the tracks!

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