Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Greatest Christmas Gift #9

Those Cratchits sure were poor!! But, lo- they held each other dear and enjoyed their lives better than anyone with two copper pieces to rub together. The 9th Greatest Christmas gift is that of FEAST. The Cratchit kids (probably even Tiny Tim) may have only gotten an orange and a hand-me-down hanky in their stockings, but where Bob and his wife Emily clearly didn't skimp was on dinner!! Watch how the kids behave as though Justin Bieber was there for a visit when Mom pulls out the goose and pudding!

And when Old Scrooge comes around at the end of the story- he brings not toys or scarves or anything so "worldly"- he brings a bigger feast! Proving that the most valuable gift we can give is that of ourselves and our time. Oh! and Food! We mustn't forget food! Eat up!

Also- "The Muppet Christmas Carol" is the best version ever made, or ever will be made. Just in case anyone out there needs to settle a bet. The love we found, we carry with us so we're never quite alone!

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