Friday, December 10, 2010

Pretend You're a Kid (Easy for Some, Easier for Others)

"Christmas is the time when we should be thinking of others." - Pee-wee Herman

If you really want to feel lit up like a Christmas tree, you should do at least one thing this season that is for someone you don't even know. And luckily there are probably lots of folks you've already passed in front of stores that are collecting change and toys- so it can be easy!

Now, giving change is cool because of that beautiful clinking-clanking sound it makes, but what I find even more fun is giving TOYS. Because of my intensely nerdy leanings I still like toys, but as a man in his early late middle age, there are only a few socially acceptable times when I can buy them. (Note to my nieces and nephews: Please stop aging at or below 12, thanks).

So every Christmas I pretend that I am a kid and buy a couple Toys for Tots that I would want or would've wanted as a kid. The pretending part is easy, because odds are I just watched "Santa Claus is Coming to Town."

Now this year:
For the Boys:

I have no idea what "Imaginext" is, but there were two Batman villains there for sale with that emblazoned upon their packages. There were several Mr. Freeze's left but I snagged the last Joker. (Dear Tot, You're welcome). I also picked up an R2-D2 not because I really care about "Star Wars," but I enjoy the fact that the whole phenomenon started in the 70's and kids really still get into it today.

For the Girls:

Sadly, there was nothing in any of the pink aisles with Zac Efron on it, so I went Barbie. I would've gone Disney Princess, but they were more expensive and I am slightly put off by the fact that almost every Ariel doll is the human version and not the mermaid. I still bought my niece an Ariel baby doll, but kind of wish she'd had fins. Oh well. Now this Barbie is a ballerina, but I really bought her because she had the most complicated hairstyle. And well, this Ken (or whatever his name is- he's not specifically labeled Ken, so I'll just call him "Half-Naked Stud"), I got "Half-Naked Stud" because he had actual hair. And it's all gelled into a Bieber/Degeneres kind of style.

Merry Christmas!!! Oh and if you REALLY want to feel lit up like a Christmas tree- you should buy some Toys for Tots while you're drunk.

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