Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Greatest Christmas Gift #8

The 8th greatest gift comes from "Seinfeld" and perhaps wasn't even really a Christmas gift: it was George's DONATION TO THE HUMAN FUND. He gave these out after being royally ticked that the dentist Tim Whatley made a donation in his name for Christmas after George had given him Yankee tickets! Funny thing was, the Human Fund didn't really exist and the folks at Kruger Industrial Smoothing were none too pleased.

You see, George has a long and bitter history with this glittery time of year. He was forced to celebrate Festivus instead of Christmas as a child. Oy! You know- feats of strength, metal pole, and best of all the annual airing of grievances. "I've got a lot of problems with you people!" is the way Frank Costanza began that year's Festivus dinner.

P.S. the other funny thing is that the Human Fund does exist! It supports the youth and culture of Cleveland or something worthwhile like that. Make a donation today in honor of those on your Christmas list!

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