Tuesday, October 4, 2011

You Can't Handle the Bluths!

In wonderful news- "Arrested Development" is going to be turned into a movie after all! In better than wonderful news- "Arrested Development" is also returning to TV with new episodes to run in advance of the movie!!! Click HERE to read all about it!

One blurb purports that the new (9 or 10) episodes will each deal with a single Bluth family member and catch us up on where they've been for the last five years. Oh where has Mrs. Featherbottom been? What about Franklin? C'mon- all together now, "It ain't easy bein' white . . ."
The climate in "Hollyweird" today is better than ever for folks who dream that their favorite old show will return in some form. Shows are now just as likely to return from the dead as they are to stay buried. Whether they be shows that went off the air of their own free will ("Sex and the City," "The X-Files") or shows that were cancelled and then clawed their way back ("Family Guy," "Futurama"). Proving it can happen to any show, even "Seinfeld" sort of returned, via a season-long arc on "Curb Your Enthusiasm."

What shows would I most like to hear more from? Glad you asked!! My ultimate fantasy would be if the long-rumored "Strangers with Candy" Christmas movie was ever made. Not holding my breath though. That show already came back once with a movie version that did the opposite of fill multi-plexes. But dreams, especially Christmas dreams, never really die. Not if they live in the hearts of those that truly believe. And I do believe there will be a "Sex and the City 3." I do, I do, I do . . .

Most other shows I might like to see revived would require voodoo, black magic, or some seriously dark arts to raise the dead. And as kick-ass as a zombie Bea Arthur would be- it'd be too disrespectful.

**I never noticed before, but look at Mrs. F's and Franklin's shirts! Bush/Cheney 2000 and "George Bush Doesn't Care About Black Puppets"! I love this show!!

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