Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Author of "Guns in Bars" Bill Arrested

HOT SUBJECT: Short version of the story: a member of the TN legislature introduced a bill that would make it legal to carry a gun into a bar. Regular rules of carrying a gun apply, but sure- why not have a few belts and then decide what to shoot? All kidding aside, the reasoning behind this bill was- what if you are attacked outside a bar!?! The thieves know you can't blow their ass away, the way you would if they tried to mug you, carjack you, etc. anywhere else.

I'm pretty sure this bill did not pass (but can't be bothered to Google it). Anyway, the rest of the story (with my own personal judgments removed): The chief sponsor of this bill was arrested recently. For a DUI. With an illegal gun in his possession. (Technically, I think the gun he was carrying was illegal due to his intoxication, which sounded pretty heavy). Just gonna let you do with this information what you will.

Click HERE to read all about it! And to see the mug shot, which is almost Nick Nolte-level.

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