Saturday, October 15, 2011

Halloween How-To #1

So I've decided, as a public service, to model how to enjoy the Halloween season for you. Not because you aren't capable of doing it! But because there were some inuit hut dwellers who heard our "Road Rage" episode, and they were like, "What's a road?"

So, here's "How-To #1"

All you really need to Have Yourself a Scary Little Halloween:

#1) Something scary, spooky, or specifically Halloween themed to watch or listen to.*
#2) A pumpkin, a large patch of the color orange, or at least some fucking candle light.
Also encouraged, but not mandatory: pumpkin candle, candy, orange light bulb, copy of the Necronomicon


Right now I'm watching "Scream 4," there are pumpkins all up in my field of vision, and a candle is aflame.

Related: Things "Scream 4" has going for it:

#1) My favorite member of the "Cougar Town" Cul-de-sac Crew! Courtney Cox!
#2) Annie from "Community"
#3) a Culkin
#4) It's as least as good as the 4th installment of any other scary franchise. Plus: Courtney Cox!!
and if I was sleazy, I'd say #5) Cute boys (I said IF!!)

How easy it is for us all to have a Happy Halloween!!

*Like a Halloween themed podcast, or Elvira's Gravest Hits

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