Thursday, October 13, 2011

Orangest Hallowe'en E'r!!!

I was in this store yesterday- a store I passed so many times- and I had these hours to kill, and so I went there. And the best part? I bought an orange light bulb!!!!

Now this Halloween will be nothing if not Halloween colored!!! It's the only light on, and the computer is right below it (imagine where you think it'd be on the desk above and below!) And I swear to almighty Halloween Satan that only the tips of my fat typing fingers are NOT orange!!! It's a powerful motherfucking orange light!!

If you'd like to know the brand you're welcome to zoom in and crop the photo above and try and read it. The empty box is on the desk. I included this flash photo to show how truly powerful the orange light still is- even in the face of the flash!! EVEN IN THE FACE OF THE FLASH!!!

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