Monday, October 4, 2010

Let's Make Good Choices

It is SO HARD to try and get up and make healthy choices every day. It is bleak to look at a calendar and think "I have to eat only the right things for all those days!!" Which, let's be honest. is not possible. I think we have to look at TODAY. Let's take one half of a portly podcasting pair for example. This person's pants button. Barely. He is one Blizzard away from a shopping spree in the Big & Tall section if he wants to wear anything but shorts and sweatshirts this fall/winter.

Can you see his bleak outlook? Do you feel his pain? He has begun a habit of what's called binge-eating. That means he sits and eats multiple meals worth of calories, just because. He knows he shouldn't. He knows it's unhealthy, FATtening, and wreaks havoc on his appearance, confidence, and moods.

It seems like the only thing to do is focus on today. What choices can be made that will benefit the goal of fitting into his jeans (while still being able to breath)? We cannot change the past. (The pizzas ordered and eaten cannot be sent back). He can only make good choices NOW. The future cannot yet be determined. What he does or does not eat on October 23rd is anyone's guess. But he can be in control of what he is eating NOW. If he is exercising NOW. (And as you've guessed- it's always NOW).

If you're reading this, it is NOW and you have the power to help or hurt yourself. You can run over to the DQ and get a medium brownie batter Blizzard with Oreos and peanut butter- OR you can eat an apple, a 15 calorie popsicle and some vegetable mash. The choice is not really what to eat or not eat- it's 'Do you want to put on your pants and not have to lay down?' or 'Do you want to button your jeans, sit down, and have the button fly off and take out someone's eye?'

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