Friday, October 1, 2010

It's October 1st!!!!!!!

I hope you spend it doing something frightening! Or preparing to do something frightening! Each year we only get one official kick-off day to the Spooking Season- use it wisely. Do whatever you can to get into that precious Halloween spirit!

'Cliff and Kendall Bonus Month' (Patent Pending) may be over, but the Most Horrifying Time of the Year has only just begun- and we've got some wicked things in store for our listeners!

Today, you can catch our new episode "Old Wives Tales" up on itunes, here on the blog, or even on our Facebook page. It's all about those superstitious sayings we've all grown up around and now can finally hear a podcast about!

And coming up this month . . . we've got Zombies, Halloween Parties, and the return of a certain demon-possessed-Pig-Farmer!

It's never too early to wish you a HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

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