Thursday, February 19, 2009

Who Will Win???

Now it is time for the Oscar Academy Awards! 

Kendall and I will reveal to you the winners- so you don't even have to watch the Hugh Jackman hosted event, and you can cancel all your Oscar party plans if you were invited to one like I wasn't!

Okay- the big winner that no one knows: Best Animated Feature:

Will it be that Jack Black Panda thing with Angelina Jolie as some sexy big-lipped animal?? No!
Will it be that John Travolta dog movie with Miley Cyrus as his bitch?? Double NO! NO!

It will be the pleasantly STAR FREE (unless you count Fred Willard) film called Wall-E!! He will probably roll up to the podium to present the award to himself and then crunch it cutely down into a little golden cube! 

Stay tuned for more predictions!!!

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