Friday, February 13, 2009

Aughhh! Stay inside!!! it's Friday the 13th!!!

Did you know you may DIE HORRIBLY while reading this??? You might! Because today is the 13th!! and its a fuckin Friday too!!! I shit you not!!

Okay- calm down- maybe its all a superstition? MAYBE NOT!!! Click here to learn amazing and slightly HORRIBLE facts all about today!!

I know for sure I wouldn't go see that new Jason reboot- I'd pray to the Lord the old one's on AMC or available to stream online legally somewhere! 

Try and remain calm- but know THIS IS NOT A TEST. 
(oh and you might as well prepare- this UNLUCKIEST of years has 1.5 x 2 Friday the 13ths!! yes THREE) aughhhhhhhhhhhh . . . 

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