Thursday, February 26, 2009

They Meant it When they Said "Never"

In the latest news of everything ever made once being made again- "The Never Ending Story" will now be remade for another generation of kids.  Atreyuuuuuuuu!!!!

So get on your flying dogs and let's go!!! Can't wait til they remake the sequels!  I'm not sure why they don't write new stories anymore.  Here's a story: 

A man is riding down the road and meets some kid- who knows magic and uses his skills to rebuild houses but he is intercepted by a Dark Angel who flies on a big dog- like the one in "Spirited Away" not the one pictured below. So this kid is kidnapped and the guy from the beginning has to get him back with the help of his saucy girlfriend he met while he was washing in a tub of water near a river stream and she was beating some dirty clothes on a rock. Anyway- they run into trouble when they meet a slightly evil leprauchaun on their way to rescue that magic kid.  Add in some songs by Phil Collins and/or Nas and HIT is written all over the first royalty check! 

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