Thursday, February 19, 2009

Most Acclaimed Female Film Star

Ooh! The hotness is right here everyone. 

Which Lady of Film will get an award 2night???? Anyone's guess! Except we know it will not be:
That one lady no one's ever heard of. Count her out!
The Princess Diaries is too young and her movie too shaky! No award!
Angelina has ENOUGH (including an Oscar already)- go home and F#@% Brad Pitt- no sympathies and NO OSCAR!

That leaves Meryl Streep the greatest Actress alive RIGHT NOW- or Kate Winslet the oft nominated but always bridesmaided gal of all trades.  Both have perfected their "I'm so happy I didn't win" looks over their many losses. But which one will get to flaunt that look again this weekend?????

I'm thinking voters will remember how much they loved Titanic and Holocaust movies and Oprah books and will give the award to good old Kate. Even though they loved The Devil Wears Prada and Nuns and New Jersey accents too! I pick Kate Winslet by an eyelash-

but I have SUCH DOUBTS!!!!

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