Thursday, February 19, 2009

Tilt Means Up and Down, Pan- Left to Right!

All the techies out there care only for the Best Cinematography award! 

Which camera operator will hold an Oscar instead of his wife/lover/mistress on Oscar night??

Not Benjamin Button! Although Brad's CGI wrinkles were in focus. 
Not Changeling although Angelina's hat was always in frame. 
Not Batman- sometimes the points on his cowl were obscured, and Harvey Dent was GROSS, right?
Not The Reader although Kate's nazi tata's were lovely. 
All Dog's Go to Heaven- this is true in life and . . . at the movies! Slumdog wins again. Expect a boring show as this movie wins a bunch of awards for some reason. It was good- but Best Cinematography?? C'mon!

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