Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Vocabulary 101

When I turned 29 Kendall told me what he liked most about me was my grammar. So keeping that in mind, and as a service to our readers, let me define a word for you. (Even though defining words has little to nothing to do with grammar.)

I was "somewhere" yesterday and there was a loud lady who boldly, proudly declared she had never heard the word chagrin before. She pronounced it ch-argin (with the "ch" like the "ch" in chocolate). Words! They are tricky- and if we've never encountered a word there's no shame. But there's also no pride. So for all those loud ladies out there:


Noun: Distress or embarrassment at having
failed or been humiliated.
Verb: Feel distressed or humiliated.

Example Sentences:

Surprisingly, she was not chagrined by her total lack of knowledge.
Much to the loud lady's chagrin, no one in the room sympathized with her.

Now you are so much smarter!!

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