Saturday, September 24, 2011

In Response to Your Letter . . .

[Post received 9, 24, 11]

"Dear Blog Poster,

What did you think of this week's season premieres?
Just whatever shows you feel like blahhing about.

Sincere Listener/Blog Reader"

Dear Listener/Reader,

I'm so glad you asked!! I did just finish watching the "Community" season premiere, like two seconds ago! And fear not- it was not unweird at all! They're back in great form and oh yeah- Homie don't dean this!!

As for this week's Michael Scott-less "The Office" . . . the jury I keep stored in my chest cavity that makes decisions like this for me is still out. I still have an affection for Jim, Pam, Dwight and a few others- but I do not like Andy as the manager. What got him there? His terrible sales record? I was conflicted- enjoyed parts, but for half the time I seriously wished they'd gone off the air last season. Hmm . . . only time will tell? That's a saying, right?

"Parks and Recreation" you ask? Oh- it was great! I kind of forgot already what happened with Leslie and Ben, but yeah- great as per usual! I am so excited that Andy is now . . . oh you didn't see it yet? Okay.

But what about "Modern Family"?? Hold on, I'll get to that. First- "Glee"! I cannot handle all the drama!! Sam's gone, Lauren Zisces has pretty much left us- upheaval! And we have barely even met any of the newbs still to be foisted upon us! I do love me some Rachel, Finn, Kurt, and oh yes BLAINE. He makes it all better. He better be a senior though, so he can spin off with Kurt and Rachel!

Okay- "Modern Family"- both episodes were great! What did you expect? I'm not on board with them hogging the Emmys, but Phil is much deserving and Gloria was killin' it!

Hope this answers your question "Listener" and feel free to write back anytime!

Blog Poster

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