Thursday, January 14, 2010

New Server Update!! (a 'How to')

The good news is we HAVE A NEW SERVER!!! This means no more episodes cut off in their prime-

The "other" news is that to get the upcoming shows (for the next 10 years or so) you will have to resubscribe to the show on iTunes.

Here's how: open iTunes, go to the iTunes store. Search for "cliff and kendall." You should be presented with a variety of options, including our Kathy Griffin spin-off, the old feed, and the new feed from our NEW SERVER.

The differences will be: the photograph for the new feed is the one above, and the title of the show now includes the number 2. (Just remember "shitty podcast . . ." No! Kidding, don't think that). There will also be fewer episodes listed under the new server's feed. Just click "subscribe" and you should be home-free to enjoy uninterrupted "Cliff and Kendall" throughout the new decade!! You could just click on this link to subscribe to the new feed as well.

Hopefully this is fairly easy, and we won't lose any of our beloved listeners!

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