Saturday, January 15, 2011


GOD my comic genius/off the charts cleverness surprises even me sometimes! (See classic headline for this post). Anyway- what can't James Franco do? He's proven himself in nearly every cinematic genre-

He's had his own shows at Fine Arts galleries, he's made art films that nearly satisfy everyone's erotic fantasies of being simultaneously banged by two James Francos, he's a murderous recurring character on General Hospital- and I'm this close to seeing '127 Hours' which features him cutting off his own arm. So what if he naps through classes at Yale (or Harvard or whichever fancy school he's now attending?). His life is a master class in self-growth and hotness!

Oh yeah- he's also a singing (?) performance artist, and he's hosting this year's Oscar ceremonies with Anne Hathaway! I actually want to watch!! Can he make a 4 hour ceremony that's honoring a movie about the internet exciting? If he can't, no one can. I'm smitten. There I said it.

AND bonus! If you're on the fence as to whether you should see "The Green Hornet" or not- yep, he's got a very funny cameo (and the rest of the movie's actually pretty good too).

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