Monday, January 31, 2011

Franco 101

Do you want to become an expert in the subject area known as James Franco? Okay, put all your hands down- of course we all want to become Francologists! Luckily for students like us, James Franco is about to be a college class on a campus in California. Click HERE to read more about it (although they neglect to mention how many credits it's worth).

Again, I am impressed with the one known as Franco. Artist! Filmmaker! Actor! Spiderman friend/villain! Soap Star! Oscar Host! Stud Muffin! What can't this man do? He reminds me of a really sexy Cliff and Kendall- what with his many talents and fingers in so many different pies. (Of course the real Cliff and Kendall would have their fingers in actual pies, instead of figurative ones like Franco does. That of course, goes without saying. Oops! I said it).

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