Saturday, September 18, 2010

Happy Birthday Cliff

While you may think the Cliff and Kendall blog has spiraled down into nothing more than a celebrity birthday calendar with the occasional post about the hotness of Zac Efron- this post is actually pertinent!!!

It is Cliff's (as in "my") birthday today and after having lived 28 very fat years, I am now descending into the madness (and morbidly obeseness) that is being 29. Expect the unexpected as Kendall and I both venture deep into the murky depths of whatever the fuck it means to be 29 in 2010. (Kendall has six more glorious weeks to be 28. Funny how 28 did not seem glorious until I reached 29.)

I coud reflect at length upon the "tumultuous" year that I spent being 28- the very intense joys, the absurdly real pains, and the feeling of general bloat I felt for most of the year but I won't. Some things about those 12 months sucked royal (two close friends-one of them my wife!- decided to help the world and discovered they could only do that outside of America), some things were great and kind of life changing (the summer camp I worked at, described in our "Summer Vacation" episode), some things were just pure joy (Kendall and I love our show!! If the internet goes out of business we will still do the show and will gladly mail each of you a floppy disk every week containing one new episode), and some things were borrrrrring (bubblology anyone?).

Okay I reflected more than I meant to. But let me say this: 29 has potential. Not least of which because on October 5th the final season of "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" is coming to dvd. Another dream to check off the list.

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