Saturday, February 27, 2010

Harry Potter Wants Gays to Not Kill Selves

Lil' Daniel Radcliffe has apparently just filmed a PSA for 'The Trevor Project'- an organization that aims to decrease suicide of gay teenagers. I think this is obviously great and am sad it will probably not air on network television because the only ads they will run are pro-life spots where football players tackle their moms or "my wife always be naggin' and sucking the life out of me!!" car commercials.

I would add a misanthropic comment about me personally wanting to die and claim my golden chair in the golden podcast booth of glory that's awaiting me in the sweet by and by for our future show "Cliff and Kendall: Cloud to Cloud" (which is currently running in Heaven- this week's guest hosts are Tennessee Williams and Doubting Thomas, with special guest Shari Lewis & Lambchop) but such a comment would seem out of place and in the poorest of taste.

Read about the PSA HERE! To call and leave voicemail on another kind of hotline: 818-308-4FAT (The Cliff and Kendall Hotline! We can't be bothered to answer though, so just say your peace and hang up. We love you! Don't kill yourselves! Our show and your heart will go on & on!)

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