Saturday, February 27, 2010

More Like WORST Picture!

So the Oscars are coming up!! And guess what- I couldn't care less what will win Best Picture! I assume it will be "Avatar" or "The Hurt Locker"- both of which were good enough, but neither did I write home about. I preferred "Precious" or "Up" or the un-nominee "Star Trek" by a space-mile.

But anyway! THIS ARTICLE delves into their top 10 Best Picture upsets! The one's that made people stand up and shout "That won?!?!?" or at least mumble "Fuck this shit" and then flip the channel over to an old "Andy Griffith." Maybe that was just me.

But anyway! They cover a few I would agree with and couple I don't (try to guess which ones!) I thought "Crash" was fair enough to sit through once- but better than "Brokeback Mountain"? Methinks not! I also blorched when "Shakespeare in Love" shut down "Saving Private Ryan." And don't get me started on "A Beautiful Mind" beating out "Moulin Rouge" and "In the Bedroom."

Which undeserving winners will be announced this year? (Hint: I LOVE her, really- "Hope Floats" is a sentimental favorite of mine but . . .)

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