Thursday, July 14, 2011

Roseanne on Letterman (with Reege!)

Click HERE to watch Roseanne's appearance on David Letterman's show from earlier this week. She's hilarious, and I am so pumped to watch her new show!

As she sat down, Dave mentioned that she looks like a psychic. She does, right? She probably is! At any rate, soothsayer or nay, she's her super-funny self and I can only hope her new show is around for years to come!

In the interview she tells Dave (and Regis, the evening's co-host) about her nut farm on the big island of Hawaii. The island is filled with old hippies, she says! Maybe Tyler and I should box up all my fiber bars and his Grateful Dead mp3s and move there?

Something, something Tyler's nuts.

"Roseanne's Nuts" the new reality show airs on Lifetime!

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