Sunday, June 12, 2011

How is This Still a Thing?

Sometimes I am going about my daily life, and all of a sudden- something happens and I'm shockingly reminded that some people think being gay is still a hot topic. People still get so offended and mad- isn't that weird?

Dianna Agron, Quinn from "Glee," wrote a great post on her blog about it HERE. She relays that some people write in about the show and say they love the series, but hate the gay storylines. And I admit, I've heard people say the same. Really? Is it because you hate prep school uniforms? Or are uncomfortable with how effeminate Kurt is? I am so glad he's so feminine! It would have been SO easy for them to have the main gay character be "straight acting" like Blaine. But- the world is not like that!!!!

It's even teaching gay people themselves a lesson! Not only the "it's okay to come out/accept yourself" lesson, but also that "you don't have to butch it up to be accepted!" You can fucking sing Don't Cry For Me Argentina to a room full of straight men! It's a pretty big/probably little known thing in the "gay community" that the more flamboyant you are- the more marginalized you are. To be outcast from your community of outcasts, as John Waters might say.

Oh, it's all crazy. This was a weird post, right? Tyler brought me in another care package of butternut rye krispies this morning and well, I guess I've had a few!

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