Saturday, June 28, 2014

The Late 90's as told by "Daria" Stills

Remember "Daria" from MTV's late 90's period? Yes or No- here we go: It's the 90's refracted through the lens of these screen shots of "Daria" (lalalala you're standing on my neck, etc.) First observation: 9 out of 10 shows on TV are some version of "Sick Sad World." 

Daria's sister Quinn was using a laptop not to go online, but to use one of those magic computer programs that let's you see what someone's head looks like on different outfits. 


Quinn is talking to the President of the Fashion Club on a cordless LANDLINE! That's a poster of Devon on the wall, but I had these beauties back in 2000:

More landlines and ladies' POWER suits! 

There's a poster of someone that's probably Jewel on the wall, but I prefer to think it's a reference to the poster I had below. 

BOOKS! Okay high schoolers maybe still use books of the paper and print variety, BUT the big difference is what's NOT in this picture: no texting, no social media of any kind, and sadly no podcasts!

"Sick Sad World" was all over feet, and need I say more: 

Goodnight Mr. Belvedere, wherever you are. 

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