Friday, November 12, 2010

You Can Vote!!

Click HERE to vote for the People's Choice Awards, I'd tell you how long the voting will be open but I bet it says in that link!

Anyway, I would (and did) vote for a few reasons:

1) How often do we, the regular Joes and Josettes of America get to vote for award shows?

2) Our Lady of Broadcast Comedians (Kathy Griffin) was nominated. If you're looking just for her, her show is nominated under 'TV Obsession'.

3) There is a SMALL chance this will be the only award show that nominates 'Sex and the City 2' for something.

4) Even though 'Prince of Persia' was only so-so, I was reminded of how infrequently my husband Jake Gyllenhaal was fully shirted and thus voted for the movie in favorite action something or other and for Jake himself as favorite Action Star.

5) How many award shows let you vote for your husband and manstress? (Jake and Zac, pictured above)

6) I had 7 minutes to fill.

So vote!! Also, my fellow Americans, this is a good time to remind yourself that you live in a democracy if you skipped out on those icky mid-term elections a few weeks ago.

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