Saturday, February 8, 2014

For Your Consideration

While the usual answer is Prince Eric- when asked which Disney prince I'd like most to suck ink out of- let's not forget the other hotties in Disney's Hunk Hall of Fame:

After the Beast turned human again, he may've been less hairy- but we were the one's ready to ROAR and get this sexy beast back to our boudoir! 

Maybe Sleeping Beauty's Prince Phillip is luring you in with his sexy take on tights and a cape? 

Perhaps you prefer the CGI hotness of the sexy digital dude from Tangled? He could C3 my PO any day! 

It's completely understandable if you just want to rub Aladdin's lamp until the genie pops out and you get your wish! 


The only thing I've decided is that there must be lots of horny gay animators at Disney! 

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